First Aggregator Deliver Next-Level Omnichannel Support & Empower Agents with 360° View of your Customers.

LOCKENE SERVICE CRM is the Originator of 360-degree Quality performance.

LOCKENE Provides an All-Inclusive Customer Service Solution that is simple to use and Grows with your Company.

  • Aggregator in the Service Industry.
  • 100% Authentic Part Replacement.
  • Reduce Recurring Expenses by 60%.
  • Save Digital Bill and Warranty Card.

Full Installation View for Revenue Growth

  • Automate Installation of your products using smart software.
  • Maintain an accurate record and real time tracking.

Fit Your Business's Needs for In-Warranty

  • Manage and respond to all your warranty products.
  • Real-time monitoring and a 80% decrease in average service closing time.
  • Framework solutions to track part replacements.

Part Replacement Activities, Making it Extra Easy to Use

  • Manufacturer can monitor details of their part from a single location.
  • Also maintain information regarding original parts.
  • FSM achieved 99% accuracy for the original part change.

Organize Your Leads & Deals for Out of Warranty

  • This solution enables you to cover up to 100% of out of warranty services.
  • Totally automation in services to boosting revenue growth.
  • Automate manual tasks to processes and improve business growth.

LOCKENE AMC Will Generate Your Revenue

  • LOCKENE AMC management software can help you keep your customers' appliances safe.
  • You can offer the brand-authorized servicing packages at the most competitive rates.
  • It assists you in staying on top of things like managing warranties and monitoring renewal dates.

Effectively and Efficiently Manage Products

  • Handle your brands, products, spare parts, and AMC in all categories.
  • To develop and improve a business's products quickly and efficiently.
  • Interactions between a business and its customers.

LOCKENE DMS Application Engage Every Customer

  • Incredibly useful platform for today's world, where business and after-sales support are made extremely simple.
  • Bills, customer records, and service records are automatically stored in this app.
  • Dealer sold product information, installation, warranty, and out of warranty.
  • Contains records of every individual sold product and service problem.

LOCKENE FSM Has a Significant Impact On Service Members.

  • In today's hectic environment, Mfg.will monitor the status of their in-warranty and out of warranties to save time.
  • Monitor the 99 % accuracy for Original Product Part modification by Service Partners.
  • Simple to grasp, and team-reducing.
  • With seamless man-machine collaboration.
  • Increase productivity and get superior results.


  • Customer will book warranty service for home appliances, electronics, furniture, mobile devices & other products.
  • LOCKENE AMC will increase revenue
  • No Need to Call customer care
  • Real time Field Service Tracking
  • Customer will Save bills and warranty card digitally in the app all cloud based software App.

LOCKENE OPEN API Makes Service Easy

  • Protect your integrations from the future with API-led connectivity.
  • With application networks, you can break free from rigid custom code and increase business agility.
  • With packaged APIs, you can empower your entire ecosystem to generate new revenue opportunities and improve customer experiences.
  • Open-source API, plug-and-play choices