We have a solution for your business, no matter what it is.

#first CRM with Millions of Active Customers

Real-time Omni Channel E-Commerce Solutions to the Manufacturers.

India's first Aggregator CRM. Brings together Customers, Dealers & Service Partners.

Construct Higher Aspirations in Digital B2C E-Commerce

  • Build Better Interests in Digital Commerce.
  • Scale worldwide with confidence on a modular platform designed for peak shopping at any time.
  • Increase revenue, productivity, and channel engagement.

Help customers resolve top, routine issues with Lockene Chat Bots

  • Direct Lead through world’s most favorites WhatsApp chat API
  • Success in sales can be attained anywhere.
  • A more productive sales team is the first step toward faster, more steady growth.
  • Provide business customers with a suited, easy purchasing experience.


Automate your Shipping & Reduce Efforts

  • Shipping integration with the fastest growing company.
  • Collaborated with top 17 courier partner in India through SHIPROCKET.
  • Generate Revenue by 10x

Fulfillment Is Just One Click Away Pick.

  • Pick.Pack. Ship 3x Faster Shipping.
  • India’s only solution with a pay-per-use model.
  • Integration with Warehousing & Fulfillment.

Analytics And Reporting

  • Everyone should be a data person.
  • Marketing and spend Monitoring.
  • Encourage teams to make decisions based on data.
  • 30% Increase
    - With implemented, business users are more productive.
  • 15x More Value
    - With insights from analytics, companies better understand customer needs.
  • 23x Customers
    - Data-driven companies are more likely to attract and retain customers.

Create Long-Term Customer Relationships Through Data-Driven Digital Marketing.

  • Prioritize the needs of your customers when marketing.
  • Obtain a complete 360-degree view of each client.
  • Use a platform that is quick, adaptable, and scalable.
  • With assistance from our partner network, launch, integrate and scale.

Grow Faster with Customer-Centric

  • With connected B2C ecommerce, you can innovate, scale, and achieve your goals faster.
  • With our B2B ecommerce solution, you can simplify online purchasing and start making more money right away.
  • Deliver omni-channel order management flexibility anywhere in the world.
  • Selling and fulfilment can be done wherever your customers buy.