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Welcome to Lockene FSM's Credit Card Processing page, where we offer secure and seamless payment solutions to streamline your billing process. Our integration with leading payment platforms like Stripe and Razorpay enables you to accept credit card payments from your customers quickly and securely. 

Next-gen online payment platform—get paid 4x quicker!

Explore the features of Lockene FSM's Credit Card Processing solution and discover how you can simplify your payment process and improve cash flow.

Multiple Payment option

Accelerate payments online.Job site card payments.

In person payment

Streamline your financial processes with our 'Add All Tax' feature

Payment Integration

Ensure financial security and commitment with our 'Require Deposit' feature

How does online payment function works in Lockene?

These quoting features in Lockene save time, secure more work, and deliver the professional and convenient experience your customers anticipate.Facilitate seamless payments from customers with Jobber's credit card processing. Offering a faster and simplified payment experience, it includes convenient payment choices, automated billing, and immediate payouts, ensuring payments from both office and field locations.

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Feedback from Our Valued Customers

Lockene FSM's credit card processing is seamless and fast. It makes transactions so much easier.


The credit card process with Lockene FSM is incredibly smooth. It saves us a lot of time and hassle.


I love how straightforward the credit card processing is with Lockene FSM. It's efficient and user-friendly.


    Frequently Asked Questions

      Yes, absolutely. Lockene FSM prioritizes the security of your transactions. Our integrations with Stripe and Razorpay adhere to industry-leading security standards, including encryption and fraud prevention measures, ensuring that your customers' payment information remains secure at all times.

    Yes, with Lockene FSM's integration with Stripe, you can accept credit card payments from customers worldwide. Stripe supports multiple currencies and provides extensive global coverage, allowing you to expand your customer base and accept payments from international clients seamlessly.

    Lockene FSM provides robust tools and support for handling refunds and chargebacks. You can easily initiate refunds directly from your Lockene FSM dashboard and track the status of refund requests. In the event of a chargeback, our team will assist you in providing the necessary documentation and resolving the dispute efficiently.

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    How does Lockene Quote Software works?

          • Create a branded invoice instantly and dispatch it to customers via text or email.
          • Enable customers to settle invoices using credit or debit cards through the client hub
          • Provide customers the option to add a 10%, 15%, 20%, or a custom tip when paying online.
          • No added monthly or set-up fees—solely pay upon receiving payments.
          • Instant payouts, even on weekends or holidays, available for an additional 1% fee.

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