Improve Salesforce’s Efficiency and Productivity with Mobile Field Service Management Software

We can do almost anything with our mobile devices. With mobile devices connecting two-thirds of the world’s population, it should come as no surprise that mobile technology plays a critical role in the efficiency and productivity of your field services team. Nonetheless, the method by which field service technicians obtain the information they require to complete a job or attend a meeting remains out-of-date, unpredictable, and time-consuming.

For most fast-moving consumer goods companies, field service is a one-of-a-kind operation that relies heavily on planning, customer service, and data collection. Field services agents or technicians are responsible for travelling to various locations, meeting with clients, taking orders, noting customer changes, and keeping track of expenses, mileage, and other reports while on the road. All of these variables must be considered.

The Advantages of Mobile Accessibility While Driving
Consider how different this process would be if your field service agents had access to a mobile app that integrated with your CRM system to automate and manage their daily tasks. It would not only improve how they interact with and serve your customers, but it would also result in higher overall customer satisfaction and profits.

Here are some of the most significant advantages of incorporating mobility into your field service operations:

Accurate and timely information input Real-time updates to customers and accounts in CRM system Better scheduling and route planning
Increased field service workforce engagement
enhanced customer experience
Time and money saved on data consolidation
Quick access to current performance

Many businesses are turning to Mobile Field Service Management Software to reduce inefficiencies caused by manual data entry and data silos in the field. Field service managers, sales representatives, and technicians can use these solutions to plan, record, and deliver efficient services from anywhere on the map. Service reps can update and make decisions on orders quickly and easily by providing accessible features on a mobile device.

Field Service Management Software for Mobile Devices
Recognizing the potential impact of this software for several of our clients, the OnActuate team created OA Field Force Manager, a mobile field force management solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce CRM.

Automatic Scheduling allows managers to create daily and weekly planners for their Salesforce team and send them to their mobile app, where they can easily update with changes and send notifications of new jobs as they arise.

Maintain constant contact with your customers.
With instant access to customer information at their fingertips, field service representatives can stay up to date on order status, service updates, and any historical data to provide the best customer service experience possible.

CRM System Integration allows you to centralise your data.
OA Field Force Manager is fully integrated with Dynamics CRM and Salesforce CRM, making it easier for sales reps to transfer information to managers and reducing inconsistent manual data entry. This capability also allows for quick and efficient reporting in a single location.

Work Order Management allows you to submit and update orders in real time.
Don’t let technology keep you from closing the deal! Customer orders can be changed or submitted in real time directly from your mobile app. OA Field Force Manager also includes single-click reordering to simplify the ordering process and keep your customers satisfied.

Expense Submission is a quick and easy way to get your expenses in on time.
OA Field Force Manager aids in the simplification of time-consuming business processes such as expenses for both managers and employees. Use your mobile app to easily submit bills and access pre-built dashboards to keep track of your daily allowance and expense status updates.


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