How to win more deals with Customer 360

Lina is doing her weekly grocery shopping. There’s a parking space with her name on it right outside the store. They’ve already decided what she needs before she even goes into the store. She simply instructs her assistant to add and delete a few items, and she breezes through the entire purchasing procedure. In a nutshell, that is Customer 360 for you.

Now consider what happens during the sales and marketing journey.

With a Customer 360 view, you can anticipate what customers like Lina want even before they step into your store and begin a purchasing conversation.

You can see which pages they viewed, which case studies they looked at, and other information thanks to Customer 360. What is the Customer 360, and how can you include it into your sales process?

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Why you need Customer 360 for your business

With Customer 360, you may gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers within the CRM. You can quickly access critical information about contacts, finances, deals, and more.

A Customer 360 view can assist your sales, service, marketing, and support teams build a more complete picture of your prospects and better understand them. This can help you reach the following good results:

Boost your conversion rate.

According to a Survey survey, seven out of ten customers wanted individualized purchase experiences, resulting in increased conversion rates.

Personalization, for example, ensures a 10-15% increase in retail sales conversion rates.

A Customer 360 view can assist you in providing contextual experiences that please customers at each stage of their journey. It will assist you in tailoring information to a specific prospect and providing a tailored experience, bringing them closer to conversion.

Increase productivity

The much more big challenge with sales, service, and marketing technology is that prospect information is dispersed across multiple tools and teams.

A Customer 360 can help you break down corporate silos and boost collaboration by providing a unified view of the customer.

This guarantees that you provide the relevant information to your sales, marketing, and support teams at the right time. They can gain easier access to customer information and insights, act on them faster, and provide contextual experiences. As a result, revenue and growth accelerate.

Increase Productivity

Increase customer lifetime value

With a Customer 360 view, your salespeople can automatically organize conversations and follow-ups with their customers on their progress with your product, allowing them to create relationships. Your marketing staff can gather information about clients, segment them, and personalize messages to their preferences.

You may also effortlessly integrate all of the customer’s interactions with the support staff using Customer 360. Because they have context on the customer, your support employees can reply faster. This ensures consumer loyalty, which means your customers will stick with you and return for more.

Overall, by offering happiness at every touchpoint, your staff can establish and strengthen brand loyalty. They may keep them engaged with updates, hacks, and other recommendations to get the most out of your offering after they’ve purchased it.

Now that we’ve established the significance of Customer 360, let’s look at how you may use it to achieve the cognitive approach.

The perfect customer journey powered by Customer 360

One of the benefits of a Customer 360 view is that it allows you to trace the prospect’s journey from the moment they enter the funnel till conversion and beyond.

Let’s take a look at how you can utilize Customer 360 to efficiently move leads through each stage of the funnel and convert them into paying customers.

360 degree view


CRM is typically the focus of customer information in most businesses.

An ideal Customer 360 view encapsulates a customer’s marketing, sales, service and support information within the CRM itself.

A Customer 360 view alleviates this friction by presenting a contextual view of the customer across functions. It allows you to view the history of interactions and transactions on any system you are using.

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