Ways to Improve Field Service Management and Increase Customer loyalty

From repairs to preventative maintenance, field service management is key to improving customer loyalty and trust. In fact, 75% of decision makers say that field service is driving revenue and 80% that field service is key to their overall strategy.

In this blog, we look at how organizations in Belgium can make field service more customer-centric while making life easier for the employees responsible for delivering it.

Challenges of field service management

It is not always easy to provide consistent, smooth, and efficient field service. The following factors have a negative impact on the customer experience:

  • Long periods of waiting
  • Ineffective customer communication
  • Field service technician inadequately briefed

In addition to dissatisfied customers, they can increase the need for costly return visits and leave your mobile workers stressed and dissatisfied.

How do you meet new safety regulations while also keeping customers satisfied and assisting field technician to perform at their best? The following are our top field service management tips:

  1. Use the appropriate field service software to organize data.

It is essential to get the correct data to your field technicians at the right moment. According to 79% of field service experts, it is impossible to deliver excellent customer service without:

  • Complete context
  • consumer details
  • Complete job information
  • History of cash reserves
  • Warranty data

This information saves the consumer from having to repeat themselves and saves field workers time.

To provide this data to field workers, organizations require a platform that integrates the customer support, schedulers, field technicians, and even sales. A service platform that has field service capabilities and connects with CRM, for example, is ideal.

Organizations can use a service platform to ensure connected, consistent interactions with consumers that deliver value at every touchpoint.

  1. Provide 360-degree visibility to all field service managers.

We discovered that managing/tracking a dispersed labour is the biggest difficulty for 42% of businesses. Inefficiencies and frustrations can result from a lack of visibility and control for field organizations.

They need total visibility into schedules, tasks, and assets to do their work. They can then keep consumers informed and ensure that field technicians have the necessary equipment to complete a work.

Field service managers can work more successfully with an integrated service platform that provides leaders with a 360-degree view of customer data, schedules, and assets. They can verify that resources are allocated effectively, identify performance issues, and maximise the productivity of their technicians.

  1. Make real-time communication possible for improved field service management.

Availability is essential when it comes to scheduling. If a customer arranges to stay at home for a field service visit and the technician fails to show up, customer satisfaction is bound to suffer. Most clients will understand a minor delay, but they will be considerably more patient and understanding if they are kept in the loop.

Teams can track field worker locations using appointment management software and worker consent to provide customers with real-time information. Field personnel will encounter fewer frustrated consumers if customer expectations are aligned.

  1. Increase field service automation to maximize efficiency.

Many factors of field service management take a long time, and simple mistakes can lead to costly losses.

Technology can improve their field expertise by automating important services. Automated scheduling, for example, can reduce errors and free up personnel for more customer-focused tasks.

Employers can also then all on teams by allowing customers to choose for self-service or remote assistance if they want. For example, they may make a call and chat for themselves.

  1. Consider field service technicians to be partners.

A field service employee requires far more than just technical skills – they need to:

  • Always follow safety regulations.
  • Be understanding of your customers’ requirements and complaints.
  • Maintain the employee’s behavior and values.

They are your partners, and as such, they require the necessary tools and training. Organizations can use a digital training solution to keep mobile workforce up to date on the newest safety standards, field service best – practice, and standards of performance. Keeping technicians up to date and well-trained improves their performance and job happiness.

Organizations will be able to improve their field service management with a single platform, integrated data, and powerful digital capabilities. Not only are they allowing their field service supervisors and technicians to improve efficiency and performance, but they are also increasing customer loyalty and trust.

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