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CRM software was traditionally used primarily for customer relationship management and contact management. This was primarily intended to assist businesses in keeping track of their customers and contacts, as well as managing customer data. However, as technology has advanced, CRM software’s capabilities have expanded beyond those traditional applications

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CRM software can now be used for a wide range of tasks, including sales automation, marketing automation, customer service, analytics, and more. This has enabled businesses to reap the many benefits that CRM software can provide. CRM software, for example, can be used by businesses to improve customer service through automation, track customer data for better decision making, and gain insights into customer behaviour and preferences

Lockene CRM is one of the best value providers in the market. In addition: it is loaded with all essential and supplementary features to give you an “all-in-one” service. Below, we’ll discuss its features and find out why it can be a top choice as a CRM solution for your business

Lockene CRM is one of the best value providers in the market. In addition:

CRM Features
• The lead management feature captures and nurtures new leads, as well as assesses their likelihood of becoming potential buyers. It displays timeline views of your leads and allows
• Real-time Omni Channel Sales & Service Solutions to the Manufacturers. India’s first Aggregator CRM. Brings together Customers, Dealers & Service Partners.

CRM Features

Create Long-Term Customer Relationships Through Data-Driven Digital Marketing.

Lockene Provides an All-Inclusive Customer Service Solution that is simple to use and Grows with your Company.

Lockene CRM is an all-in-one customer relationship management solution. It combines the features of operational, analytical, and collaborative CRM solutions. A system like this can be used at all levels of an organisation. Strategic decision-makers can benefit from useful insights, while middle and lower-level management can benefit from increased productivity through automation, collaboration, and task ease.


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LOCKENE is a comprehensive customer solution platform that brings together Service Partners, Dealers, and Manufacturers to deal with sales and service in a single, integrated system that includes CRM, 360°, FSM, DMS, and Service Open API.

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