How to Ensure Safety and Compliance in Field Service During Health Crises

The global pandemic has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate, especially those in field service management. Ensuring safety and compliance has become a top priority to protect both employees and customers. With the right strategies and tools, companies can navigate these challenging times effectively. In this blog, we will explore how to ensure safety and compliance in field service during health crises, with a focus on how Lockene FSM can help.

Implementing Strict Health and Safety Protocols

The first step to ensuring safety is to establish and enforce strict health and safety protocols. This includes guidelines for personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitization practices, and social distancing measures.

Example: Lockene FSM can help create and distribute detailed checklists for technicians to follow before, during, and after service visits. This ensures that all necessary precautions are taken consistently.

Real-Time Communication and Updates

Effective communication is crucial during health crises. Keeping field technicians informed about the latest health guidelines and company policies helps them stay compliant and safe.

Example: Lockene FSM’s communication tools allow managers to send real-time updates and alerts to field technicians. This ensures that everyone is aware of any changes to protocols or safety measures.

Contactless Service Options

To minimize physical contact, field service companies can adopt contactless service options. This includes remote diagnostics, virtual consultations, and digital documentation.

Example: Using Lockene FSM, technicians can perform remote diagnostics and provide virtual support to customers. This reduces the need for in-person visits and lowers the risk of virus transmission.

Monitoring Employee Health

Regular health monitoring of field service technicians is essential to prevent the spread of illness. Companies should implement health checks and tracking systems to ensure that only healthy employees are in the field.

Example: Lockene FSM can integrate health monitoring features, allowing technicians to log their health status daily. This data helps managers make informed decisions about who is fit for duty.

Training and Education

Continuous training and education on health and safety practices are vital. Technicians should be well-versed in the latest safety protocols and know how to handle various health scenarios.

Example: Lockene FSM can facilitate online training sessions and provide access to educational resources on health and safety. This ensures that technicians are always up-to-date with the best practices.

Compliance Tracking and Reporting

Ensuring compliance with health guidelines requires robust tracking and reporting mechanisms. Companies need to document all safety measures and be ready to provide proof of compliance if required.

Example: Lockene FSM’s reporting features can help track compliance with health and safety protocols. Managers can generate detailed reports to demonstrate adherence to regulations and guidelines.

Customer Communication and Assurance

Keeping customers informed about the safety measures being taken can help build trust and confidence. Clear communication about the steps being taken to protect their health is essential.

Example: Lockene FSM can automate communication with customers, providing updates on the safety measures being implemented. This reassures customers that their safety is a priority.

Leveraging Technology for Safety

Technology plays a crucial role in enhancing safety during health crises. From mobile apps to IoT devices, various technological tools can help monitor and manage safety protocols effectively.

Example: Lockene FSM can integrate with IoT devices to monitor equipment remotely, reducing the need for on-site visits. This not only ensures safety but also enhances efficiency.


Ensuring safety and compliance in field service during health crises is challenging but achievable with the right strategies and tools. By implementing strict health protocols, maintaining real-time communication, adopting contactless service options, and leveraging technology, companies can protect their employees and customers. Lockene FSM provides the necessary features to help field service companies navigate these uncertain times effectively and safely.

Stay safe and compliant with Lockene FSM!

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